Marchesini Group carries out its 90th streaming test and launches MIMO, a remote assistance camera suitcase

In order to continue to offer full assistance to customers in the current international context, Marchesini Group has consolidated its remote after-sales support services. To manage these services, a unit called X-CARE has been set up with the task of coordinating all the remote testing procedures required during these exceptional times. The end result is a complete kit of services that can also be used individually and will remain in operation even after the health situation has returned to normal.

X-FAT, Marchesini Group offers FAT via streaming

In the March-November period, Marchesini Group conducted ninety X-FATs, which enabled those customers who were unable to physically come to the Group’s offices to connect via streaming with in-house technicians and to complete the testing procedures. Thanks to the use of fixed and mobile cameras positioned along the machine or line, numerous customers – including the Spanish pharmaceutical company Laboratorios ERN, which remotely tested its line for packaging liquids in bottles and vials – have been able to request clarification regarding functions, settings and formats before delivery.

X-SAT and X-SERVICE: the new frontier of after-sales

Technology is also making it possible to remotely implement the procedures following machine delivery. To support X-SAT – the final Line Acceptance carried out at the customer’s premises – Marchesini Group has introduced a new service called MIMO: “a system of video cameras installed on the machine which – thanks to a recording rate of 100 frames per second and a proprietary digital trigger framework – permits recording of errors throughout the production process at the exact moment they occur”.

MIMO, currently supplied inside a case with the installation hardware, is supported by an app that guides the customer through the correct installation of the video cameras on the machine: this makes it possible to have a complete and precise overview of accidental errors and to allow problems to be solved remotely, without the need to send technicians to the site.

MIMO joins the already well-established Live Assistance and Teleservice services, which together make up Marchesini Group’s X-SERVICE. The Live Assistance service allows an experienced operator to see what is happening inside the machine and to provide solutions in real time, improving troubleshooting effectiveness through a dedicated app or, optionally, through smartglasses.

Customers who have also installed Teleservice software on their systems can remotely set up the operator panel via a secure connection, allowing Marchesini Group technicians to work on the line directly from their own office, cutting costs and speeding up procedures.

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